Public administration

Viborg Municipality has 97,000 citizens who are serviced by 6,200 employees and the Municipality has an annual budget of more than 500 million EUR (4 billion DKK).

In Denmark more, or less all citizen-focused services except hospitals are the responsibility of the municipalities which means that areas such as the social sector, primary and lower secondary education, child care, employment, utilities, etc. fall within Viborg Municipality's areas of responsibility.

Viborg Municipality’s Mayor is Mr Ulrik Wilbek (Liberals) who took up office on 1 January 2018 and will be in office until 31 December 2021.  As elected Mayor, he is the head of both the political and the administrative organisation and thus has the overall responsibility for the management and operation of Viborg Municipality.

Viborg City Council has 31 members from 6 political parties:

Liberals - 10 members

Social Democrats - 9 members

Conservatives - 7 members

Danish People's Party - 2 members

Socialist People's Party - 2 members

Red-Green Alliance - 1 member


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