Looking for a job

Looking for a job

Job Centre Viborg

The role of Job Centre Viborg located at Viborg City Hall is to help you with your job search. They can help you upgrade your CV, get relevant work experience or training and improve your application and CV and provide guidance in relation to your job search.

In order help job seekers into jobs and help businesses find the right candidates for their vacancies, Job Centre Viborg works closely with the businesses located in Viborg Municipality.

Job Centre Viborg works closely with the job centres in 11 neighbouring municipalities on helping accompanying partners find a job.

Business Viborg

Business Viborg has about 650 member companies – primarily located in Viborg Municipality. Business Viborg helps it members develop through network, guidance and knowledge sharing.

Business Viborg is currently in the process of developing an international network together with other business support organisations in Business Region Aarhus. The objective is among other things to create links between international citizens and companies with international employees through social and professional activities. Further, the objective is also through networking to open up for job opportunities for you and your spouse/partner.

If you need inspiration to find the right job in Viborg Municipality, please don’t hesitate to contact Business Viborg for an initial discussion. They may able help identify possible jobs in the right companies as well as connect you with the international network when it is established.

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