Basic facts about Viborg Municipality

A larger municipality in Denmark

Viborg Municipality is located in the western part of Denmark - in the middle of Jutland. Depending on the focus, it can be claimed that Viborg is 9th or the 2nd largest municipality in Denmark in that its just over 95,000 citizens makes it the 9th largest municipality population wise and its 1,409 km2 makes it the 2nd largest municipality when it comes to size. The largest city in Viborg Municipality is Viborg itself with around 40,000 citizens and the second largest town is Bjerringbro with around 7,500 citizens.

Basic Facts
  • 96,895 citizens (January 2018) = 9th largest municipality in Denmark
  • Area: 1,409 km2 = 2nd largest municipality in Denmark
  • 5,000 businesses
  • 50,000 people employed by companies and organisations based in the Municipality
  • 70 public day care institutions (nurseries, kinder gardens, pre- and after school care facilities)
  • 26 municipal run primary and lower secondary schools
  • 16 public residential homes
Sidst opdateret: 25.06.2018