About Danish day care

Danish Day care and the Danish way of “thinking children” in general attracts international interest. As part of our international cooperation, Viborg Municipality also shares Danish Day care with international partners.

During the year 2014-2015 a head of one of our Day Care institutions, Mrs. Gitte Blytt stayed in Chengdu, China to teach our ways of Danish Day Care in a major Chinese kindergarten.

Here you can see a presentation of her experiences in China.

Besides we have made a short animated film about Danish Day Care.

The film is in English and will be shown to parents coming here from other cultures, our many international partners and visitors etc. It shows what is unique about Danish pedagogy.

Danish education is in fact something quite special and from many corners of the world people are paying attention to our views of children, which - among others - is about developing children's resources.

Keywords are: self-reliance, independence, participation, freedom, play and community.

The film is made in collaboration with local educational consultants and the animation company 2ndStudio – and is supported by the municipality’s animation strategy: http://animatingviborg.dk/en/

You can watch the film here.


Sidst opdateret: 19.03.2020