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Politik for internationalisering

Welcome to Viborg - one of Denmarks most international municipalities

International co-operation has been on the agenda in Viborg Municipality since the late 1940s when it established its first Nordic twinning relations – relations that still exist today. This international co-operation and involvement have developed over time and continue to develop.

Since the mid-1990s Viborg Municipality has been involved in capacity building projects (the ‘export’ and sharing and exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas) – it started in Central and Eastern Europe but Viborg Municipality can now also write countries such as China, Thailand, Ghana, Turkey, Jordan and Kosovo on its international ‘cv’.

Viborg Municipality’s international involvement is not limited to twinning relations and the involvement in capacity building projects. It also includes participation in intra-EU projects, the establishment of an international school, internationally oriented businesses, international educational institutions, international citizens and a local authority in an international world.

International co-operation and the exchange of experience and ideas across border are prerequisites for continued growth and development and Viborg Municipality’s aim is to develop further and become one of Denmark’s most international municipalities.

Sidst opdateret: 19.03.2020